Castle-Rock is known  for excessive rains and thick forest cover. It provides totally pollution free environment Winter is quite chilly and temperature drops to 6 to 7 degrees. It provides 'true jungle experience and there is no electricity supply at location. Generator power will be provided in the night during 7pm to 11pm, Subsequently Inverter power will provided till morning. Even in summer the climate at 'WHISTLING THRUSH HOME-Stay's cool and need for fans is not felt.

Flora and Fauna
As 'WHISTLING THRUSH HOME-STAY' is situated on the bank of a flowing stream it is surrounded by ever-green thick forest. It's a pleasure experience for nature lovers and bird watches. A variety of birds and animals such as Hornbill, Kingfisher ,Whistling Thrush, Giant Red Squirries, Langur etc. will be seen in and around the camp area.

Do explore further and look for other animals such as Barking Deer, Sambar, Bison, Wild Dogs, Wild Bore, Fox, Leopard and on lucky day even a Tiger .Guests can take a jungle ride in their own vehicles in the morning or evening on 'Castle-Rock -Bazakunang' Road- a stretch of 16 km .This road has been recently converted into asphalt road.

The World Renowned 'Doodh Sagar Fall' is close-by Many of you while traveling by train fromn Belgaum to Goa must have seen the scenic view of this beautiful waterfall .However  'WHISTLING THRUSH' provides you the opportunity to reach the 'topmost point' from where this waterfall originates ,It is a unique experience for adventure loving guest .To reah  this point guests need to take a jeep ride through jungle for 12km & after that a 2.5km trek. This point offers an unforgettable view of Sahayadri mountain range, clad in dense green forest.

After construction of kalli Project,Vajra Falls remain submerged from June To November .After November tourists can visit Vajra falls in their own vehicle (3km from' WHISTLING THRUSH') and then walk 2.5km through thick forests watching birds and animals. At the top of Vajra falls,white water streams are tourist's favorite for taking a natural-bath .It guests  desire to explore nearby areas as well as Goa ,then the same can be arranged at additional charges.


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